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Welcome to my writing blog! My name is Angie Carter.

You may want to know why I want to write a writing blog and how I’m qualified to write one. I have an M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric from Brigham Young University (1999) and a B.A. in English Teaching with a Spanish Teaching minor also from BYU (1990). I taught junior high school English for three years from 1991–1994. When I worked on my master’s degree at BYU, I taught Freshman English (English 115) and Advanced Composition (English 313). I now teach at Utah Valley University, where I have been teaching Introduction to Writing (English 1010) and Intermediate Writing—Humanities/Social Sciences (English 2010) since 2005. So, as you can see, I have taught a lot of different kinds of writing classes, although most of my experience is in working with college students.

I love teaching and talking about writing and researching. While I still teach at UVU (and I love teaching there), I want to help more people than I can teach in a semester. So, I’ve started this blog to try to help more people with their writing.

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