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Business Services

Typical Business Documents to be Edited

Advertisements, brochures, emails, executive summaries, instruction manuals, memos, speeches, technical reports, presentations, proposals, website content (but not design), any document that includes text.

Please review our services on this page. When you are ready to order, scroll to the bottom of the page to fill in the order form.

Email/Correspondence Services

Email Seminars–$40/hourAvailable as a webinar or at your business location, we will teach your employees the most common email mistakes and how to correct them. Call or email for pricing information.
Writing Seminars–$40/hourDoes your business send out the same type of letter, product guide, proposal, or other document on a regular basis? Do you want your employees to adhere to a single format while doing so, but you aren’t sure how to train them? We can help. Contact us, and we’ll develop a seminar for your business, and we’ll train your employees in how to write and format this document for you.
Email and Letters EditingWe can edit your important emails and other correspondence before you send them out. This is charged as a monthly service—similar to a cell phone rate plan. However, unlike a cell phone plan, we constantly monitor your usage and adjust your rate to the lowest cost available to you.One email or letter ≈ 200 words or less

Up to 2,000 words (≈ 10 or fewer emails) $ 0.0150
2,001-5001 words (≈ 11-25 emails) $ 0.0135
5,001-10000 words (≈ 26-50 emails) $ 0.0125
10,001-20,000 words (≈ 51-100 emails) $ 0.0113
More than 20,000 words (≈ 100+) $ 0.0100

Document Editing Services

Unlike other editing services, clients can purchase editing for an entire document or for a page or two of troublesome text. Formatting is available as a stand-alone service, but it is provided as a standard option when a client requests a complete review of a paper.

Proofreading ($3.00/page) Editing ($4.50/page) Organization/ Content Review($6.00/page)
  • Identify and change incorrect phrasing, duplicate words, and idiomatic expressions (especially useful for those who speak English as another language).
  • Correct spelling (including misused words)
  • Correct typographical errors
  • Fix punctuation (including fixing run-on /fused or comma-spliced sentences)
  • Review capitalization
  • Ensure correct subject-verb agreement
  • Identify sentence fragments (client needs to correct)
  • Maintain consistency in number, person, and tense
  • Turnaround in 24-hours of documents 10 pages or less, 48-hours for documents between 11-30 pages; for documents longer than 30 pages, call or email for a time estimate and bid
  • Proofreading Level PLUS
  • Revise sentences for clarity, accuracy, and variety including
    • parallel construction,
    • voice (appropriate passive or active voice for the context)
    • faulty predication (end of sentence doesn’t match the beginning)
    • tone
    • dangling and misplaced modifiers
  • Review for and suggest changes to ensure brevity (conciseness).
  • Review lists, outlines, and bulleted points to make sure sequential items are consistent on each list.
  • Suggest changes for fixing sentence fragments.
  • Proofreading & Editing Levels PLUS
  • Review the document’s organization.
  • Make sure document follows the necessary format for the given document type.
  • Check for the logical flow of the client’s ideas throughout the document.
  • Suggest changes in paragraph and sentence order where appropriate.
  • Suggest transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and sections.
  • Identify trouble spots in how evidence is used.
  • Suggest changes for section headings.
  • Make sure the appropriate level of formality is used throughout the document.
Formatting (all Basic Services include Formatting)Matching the margins, headings, footnotes/endnotes, table of contents, and reference pages (if used) to a given style guide (such as MLA, APA, Chicago, or your business’s in-house guide).

Document Writing

If you need an original document written, we can draft and edit it for you. Pricing depends on the length of the document, the timeframe in which it’s needed, and the level of research needed (whether you are providing it or whether we need to do it ourselves.) Please call or email for a bid.

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